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Personal Umbrella Policy

A personal umbrella policy is extra liability insurance acquired in order to help protect yourself from major claims and lawsuits as well as protect your assets and your future. While you may have liability insurance within you homeowners, auto or boat insurance policies, a personal umbrella policy is designed to assist once those liability policies have been exhausted or what may be excluded. Although an umbrella policy is not required, it may offer increased protection in the unfortunate event of an accident and can be used as a fail-safe for your savings and other assets.


  • Bodily Injury Liability
    Covers costs and medical expenses for damage to another person’s body in the event of an auto accident where you are at fault, harm caused by your pet, a guest falls within your residence, or a neighboring child gets hurt while playing in your yard.
  • Property Damage Liability
    Covers the damage or loss to another person’s physical property including but not limited to vehicle damage from an accident which you are at fault, damage created by a pet, or damage to school property caused by your child.
  • Landlord Liability
    Helps protect against liability claims as an owner of rental property. Events of such kind could include pedestrians suing after slipping or tripping on the sidewalk located on your property.
  • Personal Injury
    Helps assists in cases in which you are being sued for slander, libel, false arrest, malicious prosecution, mental anguish or other personal liability situations.

Coverage Excludes

  • Your own injuries or medical expenses
  • Damage to your personal property or belongings
  • Business losses - other person's injuries or property damage that your business is liable for
  • Intentional or criminal acts
  • Identity Restoration
  • Written or oral contracts

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