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Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation provides medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured or are diagnosed with an occupational illness while on the job. Claims made must be “in the course and scope of their job” for workers compensation to provide coverage. This also includes death benefits for employees’ family/dependents in the case that the injury results in death.


  • Medical Treatment
    Covers medical treatments that may be required including doctor appointments, hospital visits, emergency room visits, medication, therapy and rehabilitation treatments, and durable medical equipment. Policy plans may have a provider network available for employees and may require medical necessity for each treatment.
  • Disability
    Covers the employees’ wages while he/she is unable to work secondary to covered injury/illness.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
    Covers the costs of training, tuition, and certifications in the event that the employee cannot return to the same duties prior to covered injury/illness yet can return to work in a different role.
  • Death and Funeral Services
    In the unfortunate event of an employees’ death while on the job, workers compensation with assist in covering for the death and funeral expenses.

Optional Coverages

  • Other States coverage
    If employees travel for work obligations, this allows you to add other states to your policy in the event an employee is injured and needs to file a claim in which he/she will then be covered.

Workers Compensation Coverage Excludes

  • Self-inflicted or intentional injuries
  • Horseplay or voluntary drug/alcohol intoxication
  • juries inflicted by another person out of the scope of job requirements
  • Off-duty recreational, social or sporting events
  • Results from “acts of God” such as natural disasters unless job duties has a higher risk for such injuries
  • Accidents driving to/from work although vehicle accidents that occur during work operations are covered.

Accident Prevention Services

For the benefit of the employer to help reduce the risk of injuries and illness within the workplace, we can provide you with certain prevention services such as:

  • Safety consultations
  • Safety surveys
  • Safety recommendations
  • Training programs
  • Industrial health services
  • Industrial hygiene information

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