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Employee Benefits

We can offer supplemental insurance plans for your employees that can be used as part of a benefits package to help attract, recruit, retain and protect your employees. As employees are the most valuable asset to a business, offer them voluntary benefits that can assist with income protection, out of pocket expenses and household bills that a comprehensive health insurance plan does not cover.

Benefit Products

A benefit package may be customized to include one or more of the following:

  • Accident Insurance
    May assist in covering copays, deductibles and treatments in the event of a covered accident or injury. This insurance will help where comprehensive health insurance cannot.
  • Cancer Insurance
    Includes a benefit that may assist in paying for hospitalizations, surgeries, radiation/chemotherapy, other treatments and medical appliances for a covered cancer diagnosis or other specified diseases.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    May assist with expenses associated with covered critical illnesses and wellness and recurrence coverages once diagnosed.
  • Life Insurance
    May help cover final expenses for beneficiaries once an employee passes away.
  • Supplemental Health Insurance
    May help supplement and fill gaps of a major medical health insurance coverage when an employee is hospitalized or becomes ill/injured.
  • Disability Insurance
    May help cover for sickness or off the job injuries that results in a disabled employee as well as everyday living expenses.
  • Group Retiree Insurance
    May assist in supplemental health insurance for the retired employees from your business.
  • Absence Management
    Provides assistance with proactive return to work support, wellness programs, productivity assessment, prevention and intervention to help employees return to work safely and quickly from an absence.

Other benefits can include travel assistance, dental, eye, and medical support programs. Let your employees know how important they are to you and your business with these added benefits that can be provided at group rates.

Call us today to find the best fit of supplemental insurance benefits for your business and your employees!

Call us Today! 713-465-3200

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